Yusef Rasheed

The facts of Yusef Rasheed                          

Full NameYusef Rasheed
First NameYusef
Last NameRasheed
ProfessionThe Celebrity Husband
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseOracene Price
No Of Children3  


Yusef Rasheed is regarded as the husband of Oracene Price. He was a man who was married until his death. He was well-known as being the husband of celebrities.

He was originally born in The United States of America. Yusef was an American citizen who reflected his African American ethnic background.

Oracene on another hand was professionally employed as a head coach of the tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams.

Everything related to Yusef and Oracene’s wedding

 Yusef had already been married to Oracene Price. The pair exchanged vows back in 1972.

It’s been reported that their wedding was planned in a secret manner. The couple was happily having fun with one another and were married for almost 10 years.

Their marriage suddenly ended after Yusef’s sudden loss of life. Yusef has an unexpected heart attack in 1979.

Father of 3 children

Late. Yusef was the father of three gorgeous daughters. Beginning with the oldest Namely, Yetunde Price.

She was born in 1972. Unfortunately, she is gone. But she was a professional like a registered nurse, the owner of a beauty salon, and also an assistant for her half-sisters.

The other one refers to 2nd one is Lynda Price. She was born in the midst of an entire one-year period of the Yetunde. Professionally, she is a model and the creative director of plugin business  Lezchat,”; a site for translation.

The most recent Isha Price is born on the 13th of 1975. She is currently working on behalf of disadvantaged communities and humanitarian efforts.

Take a peek inside Yusef’s spouse

Explicating a bit about the Yusef’s wife, Oracene was born in the name of  Brandy Price. She hails born in Saginaw, Michigan. Young Oracene graduated from Buena Vista High School.

Later, she began her studies at Western Michigan University. The lady’s father worked as an auto mechanic.

Apart from that, Oracene has also created Oracenehas also established the OWL Foundation. The foundation’s primary goal is to support and encourage students to be educated and to assist them financially.

She is also actively involved in various charitable work.

Was the second wedding ceremony of Yusef’s spouse 

After the death of Yusef, Oracenehosted her second wedding in of. She got married to an individual named Richard Williams.

Professionally Richard is a tennis coach. Richard and Oracene were together for over two years.

In the year 2002, the couple decided to split from one another. The reason for this was said as unreconcilable.

Oracene Price expressed delight.

Oracene is the mom of two famous tennis players. They respectively are Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

There is a rumor that her calm personality and unwavering manner of speaking have won millions of hearts. Apart from that, she was also acknowledged for her contribution to the success of the career of her daughters.

There is no doubt that Oracene has inspired her children to be the best versions of themselves.

The lady was also caught on camera, sharing her overwhelming happiness on multiple occasions about her daughter’s accomplishments. She is known as an excellent mother and a skilled coach, too.

This is how his eldest daughter, Yetunde, was killed.

Butunde was 31and the mother of three children when she was shot dead in Sept. 2003 as was her lover Rolland Wormley shared his version of the story over time in which he described the night of the murder in the front of his eyes.

As per Wormley the story, the two Yetundefirst first met during a birthday surprise celebration at Compton which was held by an acquaintance for his birthday. He as well as Yetunde ended up talking throughout the evening.

They soon bonded and began an intimate relationship. The night that the crime was committed, Yetundekept constantly calling Wormley and was angry over his inability to remember the date they had planned to go on.

Yetundepicked the victim before midnight at his friend’s home located in West Compton, where he was watching the boxing match on T.V. While on the way, Wormley was asked to drive as Yetunde had been drinking some.

He didn’t have a valid driver’s permit which is why he drove on streets off to the side. Their car was direct across the street from where her sisters were playing tennis.

The sparks could be seen but did not hear anything from outside since the windows were closed. His eyes then turned to a man who was outside his house and shot at him.

He immediately took Butunde’s hand and pulled the gas, then lowered it and drove on to his next light set.

It was very dark and the rear window was smashed; He swung over to lift Butunde. The blood was pouring out from her body. He couldn’t figure out how she was shot.

He was naive and in a panic when he drove off to his mother’s close-by apartment, from where she rang the police.

In the words of Wormley, Yetunde, who was killed with the AAK47assault weapon, was in the back seat of the vehicle when the police took him into custody for assault using an armed weapon that could be deadly.

He claimed that they would have prevented the death of Butunde if she had been immediately taken to the hospital. He claimed the police threw her off the truck even though she was living in the truck because they didn’t think about anyone, particularly when it was gun violence. They discovered Thatunde to be a popular sister.

Wormley was locked in jail for more than one week due to the fact that he was unable to attend Yetunde’s funeral which he claimed was the hardest part.

In January 2004, the police took in former Crips Gang members Robert Maxfield, then 23 for the murder of Yetinde, and Maxfield was sentenced to 15 years in prison, of which was served 12 years.

Behind the success of the Williams sisters is a team effort of the entire family, says their mother Oracene

First time ever, Oracene along with her daughters participated in an interview during a Red table talk that was hosted by the actor Will Smith who played Serena and William’s father Richard in their film “King Richard.”

Interviews with them were exclusive, they spoke about the way they collaborated to achieve the goal. Isha Price admired the steadfast determination of her dad Richard to not quit and to go out and pursue his dream.

He always had a huge goal, and his mother always spoke of working as a group should they want to see this dream be a reality.

Relationship between family members

Oracene added the popularity that Serena and Venus were due to the entire family’s effort to ensure solid foundations.

Serena then stated that all her siblings played tennis as they grew up as children, but once the focus was on her as well as Venus the sisters were out each day grabbing the tennis balls.

Lynda recalled the time she was feeling like she didn’t leave the house in the cold or rain and would rather stay inside the mattress. She was barely 5at the time, and she could squeeze under the bed and so she did.

The actress stated they have always had one another which is the reason for their strong relationship. Serena said she was not having any doubts about whether it would take place. However, there is always “It is bound to occur.”

Venus added they were the biggest fans of each other because it was the way they were instructed to be in order to keep their family unit and be the most powerful assistance one can receive in their life.

Everyone is always waiting for the next shoe to fall as if they secretly dislike each other yet they’re not.

Net worth

Because Yusef’sincome information is not publicly accessible and there are only a few details about his personal and professional life We will instead look to his former wife, Oracene. It is reported that she has a total net worth of between $1 million to $5 million.


  1. Born on the 3rd of April 1952, in the late. Yusef’s ex-wife is now age 69.

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