How Old Is Silvana Mojica? Everything To Know About David Portnoy Girlfriend

Shivana Mojica, an accomplished American model is thought to be between the aged of 24 to 28. We will learn more details regarding the woman who is a Tik Tok celebrity as well as her boyfriend and even her past.

Shivana Mojica has worked with numerous New York magazines. She often promotes various companies that sell make-up and clothing via her Instagram account.

The actress is an American citizen who is in an affair with Dave Portnoy, her boyfriend.

The web star began modeling in her teens.

Silvana Mojica Age

Shivana Mojica, a talented model, is believed to be between 24-28, but she has not yet declared her age on the new website.

Git Online, Pretty Little Things, Fashion Nova, and Shop Full Send are some of the companies selling apparel that the webstar endorses.

The gap in age between Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica is approximately 20 years.

David 44, was born on the 22nd of March 1997. He is a testimony to how love has no limits. Dave Scott Portnoy is Mojica’s boyfriend’s full name.

David Portnoy Girlfriend Silvana Mojica

Silvana Mojica is currently the girlfriend of the popular star Dave Portnoy.

The speculation about their relationship began when the two were seen in a nightclub. The charming couple has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors in writing.

The image went viral after Dave Portnoy was seen with Silvana Mojica at a party at the Magic City’s Brickell area.

Silvana Mojica, meantime, posted a story on her account on social media which included a picture of her with Dave Portnoy.

Dave Silvana’s boyfriend is an internet star writer, co-founder, and CEO of Barstool Sports in the United States.

David Portnoy Girlfriend Silvana Mojica Wikipedia

Silvana Mojica is not yet listed on Wikipedia however it is likely that she will be included in the list following the speculation about a relationship.

Other than the fact she’s now living in Miami There isn’t much available about her as of now.

She uses social media in a smart way to build her following and increase her popularity.

Based on Distractify, Dave Portnoy seemed to be with Shannon St. Clair at the moment of the event but was seen afterward partying late into the night along with Silvana Mojica.

Silvana Mojica Net Worth

Silvana Mojica is expected to be worth between $500,000 and $1 million.

However, she hasn’t disclosed her net worth in detail.

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