Greece Powerball Results Sunday 24 July 2022

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After the draw, the latest results for Greece Powerball are out Sunday 24 July 2022.


The results of the Greece Powerball on Sunday 24 July 2022 were as follows:

Greece Powerball Results


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Estimated poJackt

The Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics, S.A. The strong>Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A. indicated that the jackpot for Greece Powerball or its official title, Joker, was EUR600.000 (approximately R11 220.35).

Jackpot History and Current Draw

On 14 Feb 2021, the last time that Greece Powerball had a winner was in 2010. The lucky winner won EUR1.7million (approximately R30.3 million).

Greece Powerball Results Trivia

The 31 May 2022 jackpot, which is EUR600.000 (approximately R11 222,35), is one of the lowest jackpot amounts for 2020.

The highest amount of the Greece Powerball Jackpot in 2021 was EUR9.2 Million (approximately R172 million) on Sunday 24 July 2022.

In fact, the total winnings of ten jackpot winners by the Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A. have already exceeded EUR49.4million (R923.2 million).

It is also worth noting, that the most frequently drawn winning numbers for the Greece Powerball results, over the years, are 31, 37, 34 and 30, 27, 27, and 21 respectively – with 28 bubblings below. 33 has been drawn only 190 times.

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