Gavin O Hurley From Happy Days Is Dead – Obituary Of The Cunningham’s Youngest Son

The announcement about Gavin O’Hurley’s Death has shocked his fans. Gavin was well-known for his part as Cunningham’s son’s youngest on “Happy Days.” Here is what we know about him to date.

Gavin O’Hurley, aka Gavan John O’Herlihy, was born in Ireland. He was an American actor who gained fame as Chuck Cunningham, in the popular sitcom Happy Days. He was a part of a variety of films and television shows like Superman III, The Last Outlaw, Never Say Never Again, Willow, and Death Wish 3. Gavan was mostly seen as an antagonistic and villainous character in his films.

The Happy Days actor was born to Irish parents in Dublin, Ireland, on July 29th, 1951. He played Captian Leroy, a dashing British agent who was from Virginia on Sharpe’s Eagle. O’Hurley’s performance in the fantasy film 1988 Willow as Airk Thaughbaer, is thought to be one of the rare heroes in the world.

Gavin O Hurley From Happy Days Is Dead

Gavin died at 70 years old on the 15th of September 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The reason for Gavin’s death is not revealed, however, Gavin’s death was not connected to COVID-19.

O’Herlihy died on the 29th of April in Bath, Somerset, England, and is left behind by his spouse Juliette and his four children, Daniel, David, Logan, and Rogan.


He has more than 30 credits on screen to his credit, the majority of his credits in villainous roles like Never Say Never Again, Superman III, Death Wish 3 and The Last Outlaw. He also appeared as Chuck Cunningham, on Happy Days.

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Even though he passed away nearly 2 months after his death, news of his death wasn’t publicized until Friday. His brother, Cormac O’Herlihy confirmed the news of his passing.

Gavin O’Hurley Obituary Revealed

Gavin’s death notice stated that he was an outstanding actor with a successful career in theater, film as well as television. He was considered an honest man with simplicity and honesty.


RIP Gavan O’Herlihy. The fierce Dan Suggs in “Lonesome Dove,” low-down cowboy Chris Mahler in “Conagher,” and a mighty John Garrideb in #GranadaHolmes and #JeremyBrett.

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A number of his coworkers and his fans have taken to Twitter to express their heartfelt condolences over the passing of O’Hurley.

Is Gavin O’Hurley On Wikipedia?

Gavan John O’Herlihy is on Wikipedia.

He was a member of a showbiz family and has been raised in Dublin and Malibu according to The New York Post. O’Herlihy has a son named Dan O’Herlihy. actor and singer-actor Dan O’Herlihy and his wife, Elsie Bennett.

O’Hurley relocated back to the UK in the late 1990s. He worked in British TV and theatre, among others the production of shows like Midsomer Murders, Coded Hostile, Jonathan Creek, and Sharpe.

What Is Gavin O’Hurley’s Net Worth?

O’Herlihy’s net worth could be significant as he had an acting career that was successful in TV, theatre, and film.


Actor Gavan O’Herlihy in thoughtful mood as he prepares to shoot his final scene as John Anderson in our upcoming feature film “Queen of the Redwood Mountains” #QORM @EmptageHallett

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Gavan was a student at Trinity College, Dublin, and then graduated from Phillips Academy, Massachusetts. Gavan was a keen tennis player and later became his own Irish National Tennis Champion.

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