France Lotto Results Monday 12 September 2022

The latest Official Results for the France Lotto results are out now, following the draw on Monday 12 September 2022.

What France Lotto statistics should you check out?

France Lotto Results on Monday 12 September 2022


Here’s a disclaimer though, as of now we are only publishing Lotto France results once they release them. Usually, that happens at 22:00 South African time or shortly after.

Estimated Jackpot Latest France Lotto

La Française des Jeux has announced that the jackpot stands at 3 million, that’s approximately R48.4 million.

Current Draw and Jackpot History

The last time the France Lotto produced jackpot winners was on Monday 12 September 2022. The two lucky winners walked away with an amount of €16 million (approximately R295.1 million) each.

France Lotto Result Trivia

Historically, one number has significantly drawn the France Lotto results-number 41. However, this is predominantly due to large jackpots such as 31 Million Euros. The least drawn number is 19, which only drew 151 times in the lottery history.

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Find your next France Lotto ticket

France Lotto offers the 2nd draw on Mondays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays for a small fee. This draw has five numbers instead of the five used in the main draw and includes no “Chance Number”.

If you match all five main numbers and two consecutive numbers, you can win €100,000 for matching three or more numbers. The chances of winning are calculated below.


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