France Lotto Results Monday 06 June 2022

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The latest France Lotto Results in Monday 06 June 2022. Today France Lotto Result & Winning Numbers. Today’s French Lottery Predictions. This draw was held on a weekly basis for three days. Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

With three draws per week, the France Lotto ( lottery) gives you some of the best odds to win. You can find the most recent winning numbers after each game here. Click the “Prize Breakdown” button to see the complete French Lotto results.

The France Lotto results* for Monday 06 June 2022 are therefore as follows:

France Lotto results:


+ 10 winning codes at EUR 20,000


Estimated Jackpot

La Francaise des Jeux stated that the jackpot is EUR5 Million. This is roughly R88.7 Million.

The remaining France Lotto payouts for this draw are as follows:

4 Correct Numbers EUR234.50 (578 winners recorded)
3 correct numbers + bonus ball EUR42.90 (1884 winners recorded)
Three correct numbers EUR17.30 (16760 winners recorded)
2 correct numbers + bonus ball EUR9.00 (25177 winners recorded)
2 numbers correct EUR3.90 (225807 winners recorded)

Jackpot History and Current Draw

On 15 February 2021, France Lotto had one jackpot winner. The lucky winner took home an amount of EUR15million (approximately R266.3 million).

France Lotto Prize Breakdown


You can see that France Lotto has six prize tiers as can see in the table below. All winnings are exempt from tax and paid in one lump sum.

France Lotto guarantees a minimum jackpot of 1,000,000 euros. The sum will be rolled over to the next drawing if no winners are found, as previously mentioned in previous sections. Maximum 34 times the jackpot can be rolled over. The prize money will be rolled down if there aren’t any winners in the 34 drawings.

France Lotto Prize Breakdown



1 Prize 5+1No Chance There are no winners
2 Prize 5 EUR 105,688.50
3 Prize 4+1 No Chance EUR 1,052.80
4 Prize 4 EUR 453.80
5 Prize 3+1No Chance EUR 53.00
6 Prize 3 EUR 21.10
7 Prize 2+1No Chance EUR 10.10
8 Prize 2 EUR 4.40
9 Prize 1+1No Chance EUR 2.20
10 Prize 0+1No Chance EUR 2.20

France Lotto Playing Rules

France Lotto uses a double matrix. The double matrix allows players to select 5 numbers from 1 through 49, and 1 number from 1 through 10. Players must match 6 numbers to win the jackpot.

France Lotto has 9 additional prize tiers, in addition to the jackpot. It is very popular because of the high odds of winning any prize.

France Lotto rules in the past stated that only French citizens could participate. Things are different today. France Lotto is open for international players. This allows people from all corners of the globe to take part in the amazing jackpots and other prizes. Online lottery agencies have simplified the process of buying tickets.

The France Loto has ten incredible prize categories. To win the jackpot, players must match five of the winning numbers and one additional number. The numbers are drawn from a drum that has a guess range 1-49. The additional number is drawn from another drum with a guess range 1-10.

The lottery has 1 in 16 chances of winning any prize. To get the last category of prizes, players must match the additional number. French Loto players can win the 3rd to 10th, 5th, 7th and 9th prize categories with this additional number. All France Loto winnings are exempt from tax You can play Germany Lotto if you love European lottery games. There are huge jackpots and great chances of winning!

France Lotto Results Trivia

Surprisingly, the most frequently drawn winning numbers for France Lotto over the years are 41, 13, 1, 16 22, and 29. There are also 15 bubblings below. 8 has been drawn just 171 times.

How do you play France Loto Online?

You can play France Loto by selecting five numbers from the guess range 1 to 49 and one additional number (called the Lucky Number) from a smaller range 1-10. You can fill out your tickets online the same way as you would if buying them in person. France Loto offers eight-figure jackpots and excellent winning chances. You can also play the lottery online at TheLotter

You can choose a standard ticket, or use a systematic method to increase your winnings with each combination of your lucky numbers. You can choose your lucky numbers manually or by using your saved lucky numbers!

How can you participate in the France Loto Raffle

You automatically get entered into the France Loto Raffle every time you buy French Loto tickets. This raffle is part of the three weekly draws that offer 10 lucky tickets the chance of winning EUR20,000 for each draw. You will be entered into a raffle for every line you play. The unique code printed on each ticket is the basis of the winning tickets. The unique LOTO(r), code consists only of one letter and 8 figures, such as W 5223 1013.

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