How To Find Happiness in Life

            Hello everyone, and welcome to my new Blog post. I also want to start off by saying we will be doing some amazing things in this blog so please take a few minutes and read it through. Today I am going to begin with some pointers on how you can find happiness in life. To some people this may seem like a simple task while for others it is not as simple. For me personally, one of the best ways that has worked for me when trying to find happiness is just taking some time out of your day to sit down and think about what you have done through out the day. Without further ado lets just get right into these pointers!

               The first pointer would be go outside during the day or in the evening and just sit on a bench or in some place where you can be by yourself. During these times of quietness, I find that it helps to think about what you have done throughout your day and reflect on them through out the day. For example, if someone had a bad morning but then they went to work and had a great lunch with their co-workers, after work they can spend time thinking about all the things they did during their lunch break or how their co-workers made them feel better during difficult times at work. This way of thinking is an effective way for some people who have trouble finding happiness in certain parts of their life because when we feel happy doing something we tend to want to repeat that activity more often which in turn causes us to feel even happier in life. This is not something that will happen overnight for everyone but if you practice this a little bit every day it can even have a big impact on your overall happiness in life.

               The second pointer I have for people who want to find happiness in their lives is just looking at the small things that you have done throughout the day and how they made other people feel. Even if you were having a bad day, if you do or say one thing that makes someone else’s day better then you are doing something right! Another good way of using this pointer is by thinking about how your actions affect other people during your daily activities! If we all took time out to think about our actions through out the day and how it can affect other people then we will all be doing something right by helping out others around us. This pointer may not seem like a big deal but this is one of the biggest ways that you can find happiness in your life! So go out and try this pointer today and see what kind of results you get.

               The third pointer I have for everyone who wants to find happiness in their lives is just taking some time during the evening or when ever possible, to write down all the things you did throughout your day and whether they made you feel happy or not. I know whenever I take some time to sit down and think through my day, it helps me realize what makes feel good. For example,

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