Does Vicente Fernández Have Grandchildren? Find Out About His Family Tree

Who are Vicente Fernandez’s grandchildren? Fans of Vicente Fernandez are eager to learn more about their grandfather’s family after the tragic news about Vicente Fernandez’s passing was announced.

Many people were shocked and saddened to hear about Vicente Fernandez’s passing. Social media was quickly filled with people sharing their sorrow, thoughts, and prayers.

Vicente Fernandez was a Mexican singer, actor, and film producer, who had a successful career before he retired in 2016.

Fernandez performed 50 of his greatest hits at a concert before he retired. His famous songs are:-

  • Mujeres divinas
  • Por Tu Maldito Amor
  • Acá Entre Nos

Who Are Vicente Fernandez’s Grandchildren? Details about Granddaughter and Grandson

According to some reports, Vicente Fernandez is the father of nine grandchildren. He has four children from Vicente Jr. and five from Alejandro. He is also the grandfather of four great-grandchildren.

It is a large family. You can see his entire family on Instagram, including his wife, children, and grandchildren.

His four grandchildren are named Vicente Fernandez IV, Sissi, and Fernanda. His five other grandchildren include Alex, Camila, and Emiliano Fernandez, as well as Valentina, Alejandro Fernandez, Emiliano Fernandez, and Emiliano.

Vicente Fernandez Children: Family Tree Revealed

Vicente Fernandez is a well-known Mexican singer. He has a large extended family. Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor is his wife. He has four children, Alejandra Fernandez and Vicente Jr. Fernandez. Gerardo Fernandez and Alejandro Fernandez are their other children.

When talking about his family tree, Vicente Jr. Fernandez’s first child was Vicente Jr. Fernandez. He has had relationships with many women. He has four children, Ramon, Sissi, and Fernanda.

Alejandro Fernandez’s second son is also a singer, just like his father. Alejandro was the father of five children. Three were from America Guinart (Alex and Camila), and two were with XimenaDiaz (Emiliano, Valentina).

Gerardo Fernandez is his third son. He was a businessman but preferred to follow a political career. Alejandra Fernandez, the adopted daughter of a couple engaged in the fashion industry is last but not least.

A Look At Vicente Fernandez’s Net Worth

Vicente Fernandez’s net worth was approximately $25 million when he died.

Fernandez was a well-known singer for over 70 years. Fernandez is one of the most popular regional singers, having sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

The singer is also known as the “king” of Ranchera Music. His music has won millions of hearts around the globe.


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