Brandon Figueroa Sister Omayra Liliane Figueroa, Meet Her On Instagram

Omar Figueroa’s sister, Omayra Liliane Figueroa has been in the news for her Instagram photos.This article will allow you to get to know Omar Figueroa in greater detail.

Omayra Liliane figueroa is a professional trainer and bodybuilder. Pantera’s Boxing Gym hired her as a personal coach.

She describes herself as a bikini competition and fitness specialist. She is a well-known model for her amazing body. If she’s not already in a gym, she’ll be trying out different types of fitness.

Who is Brandon Figueroa Sister Omayra Liane Figueroa

Omayra Liliane Figueroa is Omar Figueroa’s sister and has a lot of respect for him as a boxer.

Omayra is passionate about fitness but has not yet tried any forms of martial arts. She is instead more interested in modeling which she describes as her passion.

Omar Figueroa is her brother and a professional lightweight boxer. He won the WBC lightweight title in 2014. He lost to Abel Ramos in May 2021.

Omar is Omar’s sibling. Brandon Figueroa, the current super bantamweight champ, is Omayra. Because her brothers are well-known, it is unlikely that she will be interested in boxing.

Omayra Liliane figueroa Age: How old is she?

Liliane Figueroa kept her age secret.

Based on her stunning photos, we can assure you that she isn’t in her twenties. The model’s height, as well as weight, are still unknown.

We have now learned that her birthday was actually six days ago on April 26th.

Omayra is a gym rat and is always working out. When she’s not working out, Omayra enjoys spending time with her husband.

Omayra, a woman with a strong career and happy family life, is

Omayra Liliane Figueroa Family

Omayra Figueroa, the daughter of Omar Figueroa Sr. (and Judith Figueroa) was born in the United States.

Omayra, a Latino from his family, is proud to be part of both communities. Brandon is now No. Brandon has risen to No. 1 in the WBA rankings recently, while Omar is also an actor.

Her marriage has not resulted in her having her own family. Instead, she and her Latina husband seem to be taking their time.

Omayra Liliane Figueroa Boyfriend: Meet Her On Instagram

Liliane Figueroa is already married and has a boyfriend.

Images are posted to her social media accounts. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her parents, other than her boyfriend and brothers. We know that she is from a Latin-American family.

Omayra Liliane Figueroa has 38k Instagram followers.

She also has a YouTube channel with over 3.81 million subscribers. We may also find her on Facebook.

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